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Debora W. Kerbow
 Licensed & Certified Energy Healer / Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Private & Group Sessions / Classes & Retreats
 Graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing,
Phoenix School of Holistic Health and

University of Metaphysical Sciences
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For private healing sessions with Debora, either in person or by phone,
email wakepoint @ gmail . com
In-person sessions are held in  Woodland Park, CO

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"After spending many months in an oppressive situation I now have a clear picture of which direction I need to go to move forward with my life's purpose and this began to clear after one day in the healing group. Thanks all."

                                                                                         ~Betty, Industry, TX

It is with such gratitude that I write to the healing room as I am seeing such subtle yet beautiful and powerful changes taking place within myself and members of my family. Sometimes I am finding myself just smiling as I watch the unfolding!

With deepest thanks and love,

                                                                                         ~Stephanie, Boulder, CO

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Welcome to Debora's Healing Room

…a place that you are invited to step into where you can feel loved and supported, and where you will receive some very deep and frequent healing energy for the purpose of assisting you in aligning your life experiences with that of your highest intent! We are all vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. Whether your desire is to have a healthier mind and body, a more satisfying relationship, a fulfilling career, or more opportunity for fun and pleasure, here in this room you can expect to receive the vibrational energy that is beneficial in helping you manifest all that it is that you desire.

The WakePoint Healing Network
is what I call the group of individuals that occupy this room, which is made up of all the beautiful people who have scheduled sessions. The method of healing used can best be described as a distance energy healing modality created in order to facilitate the evolving consciousness and healing of clients within a group of individuals. The room is "open" fifteen times per month, days and times vary. The sessions are distant healings, meaning there is no need for an in-person or telephone exchange. For session dates and times, follow DHRupdates at  On Twitter, you can also enable your cell phone to receive text messages letting you know when your session is about to begin. 

An advantage of this type of healing network
is that it creates a feedback loop of increasing energy which runs in skillfully designed energetic circuits formed from the connections between all individuals present. By being plugged into this loop, you gain the benefits of the entire energy system. This is powerful!

Positive changes can occur more readily,
and even more rapidly, because of the amplified levels of vibratory energy that flow within the network. The more people who are in the healing room, the more powerful the available energy is to be used for transformational shifts in consciousness and healing.

I'm very happy to be available
to provide this service for you and your loved ones. Since I first offered this healing method, the group has grown considerably in size and in consciousness and continues to grow as more and more people come in. Many of our members are WakePoint graduates, students, former students, and private healing clients. And many are people (and pets) whom I've never met before. I am ecstatic at the progress that I am observing in everyone! The love, support and spiritual guidance that continues to circulate throughout the room is heartwarming to say the least. Many thanks to all of you who have come into Debora's Healing Room and made it the exceptional healing vehicle that it is.

For those of you who haven't experienced it yet,
I would be honored to assist you. All of my clients who have given feedback to me so far have reported positive changes in their lives. One of the most common comments that I hear relates to taking action, i.e., releasing resistance to changes that they know they have been wanting for a long time, but just haven't been able to get completely "un-stuck" enough in order to move forward in a positive direction. A benefit of this process is a letting go of old negative patterns that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential as a healthy, creative and fulfilled human being. These old patterns are then replaced with new positive life-changing patterns that result in an experience of reality that you are able to consciously create according to your healthiest desires. An automatic result from this type of release and transformation will be experienced as a closer connection to your genuine spiritual guides who are always there to continually assist you as you move forward through the creation of new life experiences.

I'm excited at the thought of accompanying you on your path to becoming all that you are. If you feel that this opportunity resonates within you, then don't hesitate to come in and get ready for an enlightening experience. To receive distant energy healing sessions, simply submit the Session Request Form below and be prepared for some very deep and frequent healing energy to come your way!

Brightest Blessings,
Debora Kerbow

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Debora's Healing Room (15 sessions per month)
        $50/month (WakePoint graduates)


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Questions?  Email wakepoint @ gmail . com.

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